How To Be a Productivity Ninja With Pocket Informant iOS

Think Productive UK isn’t particularly interested in purely technological solutions to Productivity challenges; we believe that the answer lies with psychology, not technology.

pocket informantHaving said that, our Productivity Ninjas use a variety of different apps to manage their exemplary psychological behaviours.  Ninja Matthew has for years used an app called Pocket Informant.  Pocket Informant runs on iOS, Android and Blackberry, and offers a highly flexible and customisable task and calendar management tool.

So great is Ninja Matthew’s love for Pocket Informant that he has collaborated with the developer behind the app, to write a quick-start user’s guide, called “How To Be a Productivity Ninja With Pocket Informant iOS”, which is now available to the public – see here.

Why would this be of interest to the Think Productive UK community?

Well, Ninja Matthew’s guide is a game of two halves.  The first half is a rapid run-through of our Productivity philosophy.  The key concepts – in eight pages.  The second half explains how to apply this philosophy to Pocket Informant.  So, whatever app you use, the first half will offer tips and tricks to raise your Productivity to new levels.  And if you are already a Pocket Informant user, the second half will take your skills to Ninja level.


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