Out Of Office should mean Out Of Office!

I thought I would share with you the Out Of Office reply that I used for my emails over Christmas. On our Getting Your Inbox to Zero and Email Etiquette workshops, we’ve had a lot of feedback from delegates saying they’ve started doing something similar – and many saying they can’t but they’d love to!

“I will be out of the office until Wednesday 11th January 2012. During this time, I will not be checking emails.

On my return to the office, to aid my personal productivity and facilitate my transition to the hard reality of office life, I will be deleting all emails received up to 11th January without reviewing them.

If something incredibly important comes up during this time, please call me on 07799 XXX XXX. If it can wait until 11th January, please drop me a note after that date.

Thanks in advance for your help.”


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