Office Gadgets to Relieve Stress

We all require some form of outlet when overwhelmed with life’s stresses. Just remember that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And so, here are some recommended office tools that can be used to direct your negative energy towards, in order to turn it into something positive.

Stress balls

Those cute squishy things called stress balls are the best way for you to relieve your stress upon, without punching a hole in the wall, or trashing your desk. They are small, compact, portable and inexpensive. In one study conducted upon children in a school in South Georgia, it was found that those who had stress balls tended to have a higher concentration level and showed an increase in attention span compared to those who didn’t. Not only do they help you relieve stress, but it also helps you focus on your tasks.

Stress Ball to Relieve Stress

Baoding Balls

Also known as Chinese medicine balls, these are two solid balls that fit in one hand used as a way to exercise the hand itself. The way it works is by placing the two balls in one hand and then continuously rotating them. It creates a repetitive motion that alleviates stress and builds concentration, as well as the health benefit of helping the muscles in your hands.

Newton’s Cradle

Named after the famous physicist and mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton, the Newton cradle was designed to demonstrate the law of physics, illustrating the conservation of momentum. Inadvertently, it has been used in many offices (both in real life and seen on TV screens) as a method of concentration. The clinking sound helps to create a recurring relaxing sound that can be used to develop one’s focus.

Office Gadgets to Relieve Stress


The classic slinky has been around for many generations, and it can be used as more than just a children’s toy. According to New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering, such office toys can help with the improvement of cognitive function, such as creativity and focus. It is the idea that moving around has an impact on your concentration, therefore favoring office toys.

Office Gadgets to Relieve Stress


There has been various speculations that the act of coloring can help reduce stress in people, due to its meditative and rhythmic motion. In addition, it helps to build up creativity and provides a healthy way to be expressive. It is not just about helping you concentrate, but also aiding the process of thinking in a new and inventive way.

Have fun trying out the different gadget and let us know which one is your winner @thinkproductive

By Rosie To 

Thanks Rosie, great gadgets to keep office activities productive. Having one of them might really help during a stressful situation, just use them instead of spinning a pen or other things, biting nails, and so on and so forth as a human imagination is limitless when it comes to reducing the stress and unpleasant things. I would also recommend listening to the relaxing music from time to time if it’s possible. It positively impacts on our brain and general condition.

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