New to University?

A new adventure is upon the horizons. As many may claim, this will be one of the best, if not, the best experience of your life – university. Make the most of your time there, and remember the reason why you chose to take up this experience. We know it can be a daunting chapter of your life, so here are some Productivity Ninja tips to get through your first year at university. 

Get Ahead with Pre-Readings

The only way to stay ahead is to begin straight away. Typically, you will receive some pre-readings over the summer to do for your course. There is a reason why pre-readings are set, and you most definitely should take this opportunity to get to grips with what it is you will be studying. Your tutors will expect you to have an understanding around what they have sent you to read, and the most useful thing for you to do is follow their guidance.

Starting University

Create a Timetable

Once you receive your academic timetable, schedule it all onto a calendar. Later on, you can include societies you plan on being a part of, as well as setting up a study timetable so that you can designate your time towards revision. This will help you get into a routine quicker and you won’t be wasting time on wondering what you should be doing at any point in time, as it’ll all be planned out already.


Register with the Health Clinic

Make sure that you register with your university’s health clinic. You will need details of the clinic you are currently registered to, so that information can be transferred over. It shouldn’t be hard to do, as long as you have the correct details.


Organize all the formalities, from student finance, accommodation, to enrollment letter, and everything else that requires some form of documentation. Have a document holder to contain all the important information in, this will be very handy for your first week, when collecting your student ID card, accommodation keys, as well as other university-related paperwork.

Starting Uni

Getting Around

Make sure you get a map of your university and find out where your seminar rooms and lecture theaters will be. In addition, look up transportation and cost to travel around the university, as well as the town it is based in.

Lastly, make sure you get involved in fresher’s week, because it is truly an unforgettable experience.
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By Rosie To 

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