New “Beyond GTD” YouTube series for all you GTD geeks!

Many of you who have been on one of our How to Get Things Done workshops will now have a well-established GTD system which works to keep you less stressed and more in control of your workload. You will have probably reached “Conscious Competence” in how you manage your work and your weekly review (see the Burch/Johari Learning model for more on the Four Stages of Competence). But how do you reach that elusive “Unconscious Competence”?

In the first three episodes of the brand new Beyond GTD” series, Think Productive UK’s “Productivity Ninjas”, Matthew Brown and Graham Allcott, go beyond the basics and discuss Matthew’s “10 Day Runway”(see video below),The 5 minute Daily Review” and his controversial No waiting” philosophy.

Stay tuned to Think Productive UK’s YouTube channel for more geek-infested GTD videos!

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