Making Your Meetings Magic

We all spend too many hours in meetings.
The average UK employee spends over 14 hours a week in meetings, and half of these state that their time would have been spent more effectively on other areas of work.

Sadly we don’t always get the return we expect.
In a 2007 study by Bert van der Zwan (of internet company WebEx) 28% of middle managers said that reducing their number of face-to-face meetings would improve overall productivity at work, with a further 21% saying they would feel less stressed and 18% felt they would have a better work-life balance.

Now think how magnificent it would be if every single one of our meetings was powerful, purposeful and helped you make decisions which worked for you and for the common good.
Yes, every meeting is a priceless opportunity to surprise ourselves with just how much we can achieve together.

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