Maintain your focus

Think Productive UK Jiten Patel

1- Keep busy
Keep your skills sharp by working on only ONE project at a time. working on multiple tasks at the same time can cause you to lose concentration on one or the other, it also takes the brain a while to get into gear and really get to work, so by changing your tasks every minute your brain doesn’t get the chance get into the task and complete it.

2- Stop procrastinating
It’s human nature to postpone unpleasant tasks. Schedule some of the more fun aspects of the project to follow the negative ones. If you dislike working with figures, plan to do the accounting tasks first thing in the morning when you’re fresh and there are fewer opportunities for distraction. If you continually put things off and miss deadlines, perhaps you should look carefully at your current job, your career goals, your strengths, and your interests. Habitual procrastination is often a sign of dissatisfaction.

3- Reward yourself
Time management is not entirely about work; it also involves scheduling some downtime to relax and recharge your batteries. Plan rewards once your tasks are completed. This could mean taking a coffee break as soon as you’ve finished reading the engineering specifications report or planning a vacation once the new product has been launched.

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