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Eager to become a Productivity Ninja in 2017? Trying to read more this year? Congratulations! You’ve already made the first step into the right direction, as we can definitely help you achieve this New Year’s Resolution. Whether you’re trying to get more organized at work, at home, or overall in your life – we’re not only here to give advice but our new Productivity Ninja Book Club will make you recap chapter by chapter. So, no matter if you already read ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja‘ or if you’re new to the club, let’s take your inner Productivity Ninja to the next level. 

How to be a Productivity Ninja


What is the Productivity Ninja Book Club? 

As off February the 1st 2017, we will go through chapter by chapter of ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja‘ and share our favorite parts of the book and answer any questions you may have, every Wednesday for 11 weeks.

Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram and share your favorite parts or any questions and comments you may have.

How to get started 

Step 1: Get yourself a copy of How to be a Productivity Ninja – it can be the book, ebook, or the brand new audiobook.


How to be a Productivity Ninja audiobook


Step 2: Read one chapter a week and join the conversation starting Wednesday, February the 1st.

Step 3: Choose your favorite social media platform and follow us and #ProductivityNinja to see our highlights of the book and ask away any questions you may have.
You can also send in any questions and comments you may have via email or by commenting below this blog post.

Step 4: Tell all your friends and colleagues to join the club and take the conversation offline into your office.

Step 5: Come closer to your goal of becoming a Productivity Ninja.


Win! Win! Win! 

We’re not only hosting this fun Book Club, but we’ve also got a lovely prize for you to win.
With a bit of luck, you’re in for a chance to win a copy of our brand new audiobook. All you have to do is tweet, comment below or email in saying you’re joining our Productivity Ninja Book Club.

Winners will be notified by January 30th 2017.

Good luck!! 


By Hannah Urbanek 

Hannah is Think Productive’s Head of Outreach and the voice behind a lot of our blog posts and social media channels. Feel free to get in touch with her should you be interested in blogging for us or if you just want to say hello. 


I’m looking forward to joining the Productivity Ninja Book Club – hopefully my inbox will soon be zero (and maintained at that level!)

Hi David! You’ve been selected as one of our winners for our audio book give-away. We’ve tried emailing the details through to you but the email didn’t go through. Could you email with an email address we can reply to?
Many thanks and happy reading!

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