Kindle Daily Deal – Friday 21st February!

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For TODAY ONLY, you’ll be able to download a copy of “How to be a Productivity Ninja” from for just 99p!  It’s part of Amazon’s ‘Kindle Daily Deal’ promotion, so you have until the end of the day to get on there and order it.  CLICK HERE!

And if you have the old version on your Kindle already and were wondering whether to buy it again, well now it’s less than a pound, you might as well!


It’s a big coup for us to get our little book into such a prestigious and well-known promotion as Amazon Daily Deal, so please help us spread the word today.  I’m told it does wonders for your Amazon ranking (although doesn’t make you much money!) so your support is very much appreciated.  We’re also delighted that for the last four weeks, we’ve been number 1 in the business chart at WH Smiths and it’s also selling well in Waterstones too.


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So a big, big thank you if you’ve bought it already.  I’m really grateful for all the support.  It has a chance to build up a really strong word-of-mouth following, and promotions and recognition like this are a really big part of making that happen, so I hope you’ll indulge my banging on about it and I promise to stop soon.







Gutted that I missed this deal. Saw the book in Waterstones yesterday but decided to download it to my kindle last night. Looking forward to reading it,

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