With all the talk of iPhone 4 in the last few weeks, I’m often asked what phone is best for GTD. Of course, it depends on a number of things including what you are most often going to use the phone for – and my reaction to the iPhone has been a cautious one since the tales of low battery life and inability to actually make calls are quite common! However, here’s a thought. Most peoples’ calculations when investing time in setting up any new piece of software or tool are to do with the time they perceive could be SAVED. They don’t also consider the time INVESTED as part of the equation. My last 3 phones have all been Blackberry not because they’re the most elegant, but because my perception has been that the time and energy needed to invest in setting up a whole new task management system would be greater than the relatively low pay-off of time saved once set up if the new one was a bit more ‘wizzy’. I will probably go iPhone soon now that I’ve seen the Dropbox app in action and the new one can multi-task, but I’m damned if I want to be first! Let the cool kids iron out the software issues with Apple, then the productive kids can get involved.

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