How To Prepare For Christmas Day Like A Ninja

Even the most organized of minds can become a little overwhelmed with the amount of preparation that goes into making Christmas Day a success. With a million and one things to think about, and only one brain to do all of the thinking, it’s time to let your inner Productivity Ninja start doing its job.

We got in touch with some of our very own Ninjas, to get their tips and tricks for staying on top of everything and achieving some December 25th Zen-Like-Calm.

Santa Carrying Shopping Bags


Start an hour earlier than you think you need to. [Christmas is] also the one day when wine actually boosts productivity the more you drink it. And to lower your stress-levels, simply lower your expectations.”

Graham Allcott, Think Productive CEO

“I do a couple of things around the house which I’d say are not only good for Xmas, but for the whole year round, especially with lots of people staying over.  I have three sets of basic make-up in three different locations: the bathroom, my bedroom, and my handbag.  That way, if the bathroom is occupied, or I’ve got the baby with me in another room and need to get ready in a hurry, I don’t even need to leave the room I’m in. I also have a pair of scissors in every room – and I mean every room.  Having them there in the same room with me means I don’t put off doing those little jobs that I need scissors for (cutting tags off more baby clothes, cutting pasta into bite size pieces, cutting through the packaging of another Amazon order…)”

Elena Kerrigan, Think Productive COO

“Use a checklist.”

Matt Cowdroy, TP Australia Productivity Ninja

Chill the beer mugs, champagne flutes and/or martini glasses… even if it’s below zero in your part of the world!”

Tracy Parks, TP USA Director

“This year I have prepared a schedule to visit all the family so that I don’t have to cook (even though I do enjoy it!)”

Cara Delaney, TP UK Head of Client Delivery

“The best time-saving investment I’ve made recently is a proper tape dispenser.  Makes wrapping of presents and eBay returns sooooo much quicker (and more fun!)”

Elena Kerrigan, Think Productive COO

More Ways to Be an Xmas Day Ninja

  • Start early! When it comes to Christmas dinner, see what you can make and freeze in advance. Not so good for your roast potatoes, but fine for things like stuffing, bread sauce, and gravy! You can keep most desserts chilled in the fridge for at least a few days. Vegetables also can be parboiled and refrigerated the day before, to cut cooking time.
  • Parents: If a gift for your child requires batteries, or a large amount of setting up, do this before you wrap it. That way, you’ll be ready to go on the day.
  • Have a roll of bin liners by the tree, ready to catch all of that discarded wrapping paper!
  • Have a couple of generic Christmas gifts (wine or chocolates are usually good) ready for any unexpected holiday guests.
  • Just this once, use paper plates whenever possible to reduce the amount of washing up you leave yourself.
  • Get everyone else on board! Exercise that Ninja ruthlessness, and don’t be afraid to delegate some tasks to family or friends.

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