How to not suck at your GTD Weekly Review!

Ah, the GTD weekly review! For those of us that use it regularly, probably the best 1-2 hours of our working weeks. For those of you struggling with implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done, it’s often the piece in the jigsaw that just doesn’t fit. It’s also probably the most-asked question on our How to Get Things Done workshop: “how do you find the time, motivation and discipline to regularly review?”.
I recently met up with Roxanne and Martha who have become GTD Weekly Review Buddies . They meet weekly at the RSA, do their reviews, swapping tips and sharing problems as they go. Roxanne and Martha don’t ever miss their weekly review any more, because if they did they’d be letting the side down. It’s great psychology: have you noticed how we’re often less keen to let others down than ourselves?
At Think Productive UK, we run in-house workshops for teams to get to grips with GTD as well as other leading productivity techniques. We don’t do the standard time management training stuff that you take home, put in the drawer and forget about though: we blend workshop time with at-desk coaching to ensure that changes are made and that the learning really sticks. So if it would benefit your organisation to have an army of super-productive and less-stressed people running around getting things done, call us! Or fill in the nifty enquiry form to the right on this page.

And for individuals, we also run How to Get Things Done workshops in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Bath and Brighton. Click on the cities listed for details.

You can also check out Roxanne and Martha’s work here:
Roxanne –
Martha –

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