How To Be a Knowledge Ninja: The Digital Book Launch

Grab a coffee, a slice of cake and a front row seat to the launch of productivity expert and Think Productive CEO/our boss, Graham Allcott’s latest book. Unlike traditional launches, where the author stands and talks about his book for a bit, thanks the relevant people, then leaves on a ‘buy the book’ note, we’ve decided to spice it up a bit and try something new. Tonight, the location of that front seat is your choice.

From 7.30pm, Graham will be talking to an audience at the Presuming Ed Coffee House in Brighton, as well as an audience in the likes of Australia, Canada, Benelux, USA, India, and anywhere else with an internet connection (almost everywhere, these days).

Graham Invite

For those of you unfamiliar with Graham’s work, he’s an expert in productivity, who’s already written two books about applying productivity techniques to the workplace. His last book, ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ was a number one best-seller and has since been referred to as an ‘essential’ read for those wanting a better work-life balance and sustainable success at work.

How to be a Knowledge Ninja is aimed towards anyone in a learning environment. It’s already a hit amongst student bloggers. Graham talks about tackling procrastination, exam stress and improving your learning capacity and writing ability.

How will it work?

The event will be hosted by successful youtuber, Leena from Just Kiss My Frog, who has an incredible 21,000 subscribers on her channel. Graham will spend a little time at the beginning talking about the process, inspiration and findings of the book.


It’s then over to you guys to ask a tonne of questions, which you can do via the official twitter hashtag #KnowledgeNinja. Although the book is specifically for students, Graham will be answering any productivity-related questions – he’d also happily to discuss his love of football, writing and running businesses if you wanted to get to know him a little more.


What’s a party without a bit of competition? Don’t worry though, we’re not going to go bragging that our party is better than yours, or tell you what amazing places we got our outfits from, we’re going to host a load of social media led competitions with lots of prizes up for grabs!


  • Best Tweet (Book)
  • Best Picture  (Book)
  • Best question (All 3 books)
  • Most engaged in the audience (Public workshop)
  • Most engaged online (Public workshop)
  • First five people to ask a question on twitter (Book)
  • Funniest tweet (Book)
  • Best instagram picture (Book)
  • Screenshot of book purchase goes into prize draw (Public workshop)
  • Anyone who shares the facebook status about the launch event *to be published at 6.30pm* gets put into a prize draw (5 books to win)

How it works

Simply use #KnowledgeNinja whenever you post any eligible content – with the exception of the facebook competition, for which you will automatically be placed into the prize draw.


If you’d like to join us in person, the London Road car park is close to Presuming Ed.

London Road Car Park

Want a real, physical, Brighton-based front row seat?

If you’re Brighton based and want to be sit amongst the buzz of conversation around the world, join us at Presuming Ed – the new coffeehouse on London Road. For us Brighton-based TPHQ folk, they’re the first choice of ‘stealth hangout’ outside the office when we need a change of scenery.


We’ll be opening the doors to you all at 7.15pm to give you time to grab your coffee and cake, find a seat and have a little natter before it starts just after 7.30pm.

If you fancy buying the book then and there, we’ll be selling How to be a Knowledge Ninja and a coffee for £10, and all three books and a coffee for £20.

Any questions? Comment below or tweet us, @thinkproductive!

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