How I Stay Productive: Matt Wright

Our Time Management Training outlines various techniques to stress less and achieve more, but we always enjoy talking to Productivity Ninjas and sharing real life examples. This time we sat down with Think Productive Australia‘s very own Matt Wright to get to the bottom of his productivity secrets. 


How I Stay Productive: Matt Wright



Occupation: Principal, facilitator, coach

Company: Aurora People

Location: Sydney, Australia

Other job titles in life: Irritating Punster, Para-glider, Swimmer,  Reader, Cyclist,



What’s important about your workspace?

That distractions are minimized and natural light is available.

Which ninja characteristic have you got nailed the most?

Stealth and camouflage.


Ninja stealthWhich ninja characteristic are you still working on the most?

Weapon savvy


Productivity Ninja Weapon SavvyWhich five apps could you not live without?

  • Spotify
  • Wunderlist
  • IMDb
  • ABC Radio
  • Willyweather
  • GMail

What’s your favorite piece of stationery?

The cupboard…and Post It Notes. I have stashes everywhere to capture ideas and reminders which are collected weekly for the Review.


Productivity Ninja Weekly Review


When in the day do you have the most proactive attention?

In the morning.

What’s your trick for when you’re tired or struggling with attention in the day?

Go for a walk or schedule time for serious exercise.

What’s your best advice for reducing stress?

Move!!…and get perspective by talking with others.


Productivity Ninja Exercise

What’s your email regime?

Inbox at Zero at every Weekly Review. Way too much checking the meantime.

What’s your favorite way to take a break in the middle of the day?

A long walk away from the office.

What’s the secret to your productivity?

Stopping! The best way to do so is my weekly review and the rituals associated with them!


By Hannah Urbanek
Hannah is Think Productive’s Head of Outreach and the voice behind our social media and editorial content. You can connect with Hannah directly here or on LinkedIn


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