Great feedback from our London public workshop

Thank you everyone who attended the workshop in London and made it a success! For people who missed out on all the fun, you are in luck!! Our next London workshop is on the 16th November. For more info or to book your place click HERE

“It feels modern & relevant to the flexible way we work/manage ourselves. Enjoyed Grahams real examples/experiences”

“Loved the idea of having our own collection points (trays) that we could add to throughout the day – I came up with some great new projects & ideas”

“Inspiring facilitator”

“Very clear communication, great personal attention even with a group context”

“Was a little sceptical going in to the training but found the opportunity to review, implement, sort, clear my head really useful”

“After ‘inbox to zero’ which changed my world – this was a good follow up with more detail”

“If you require a system that you can trust to store up all your projects and actions then this is for you”

“Fun and relaxed – but also gives you time to evaluate how you do things and how you can make yourself merge your systems of organisation”

“Great time to reflect and evaluate”

“The key is using time efficiently to get things done in smaller chunks of time which will impact greatly on both work and personal life”

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