Graham Allcott Interviewed on “The Zone Show”!

Recently Graham Allcott was interviewed by Tom Evans of “The Zone Show”. The show explores how we can get in and stay in the zone, where we perform at our peak and enjoy life to the full. It’s hosted by author and creative catalyst Tom Evans.

The interview begins with Graham explaining the origins of his book “How to be a Productivity Ninja” which was born from techniques developed to overcome stress using playful productive momentum. The focus then switches to the benefits of the famous ‘C.O.R.D productivity model’ and the importance of health and nutrition – especially in combination with an analysis of one’s motivations! The interview also gives an insight into how Graham coped with being a first-time author during “How to be a Productivity Ninja’s” inception, and what his future plans are including (in no particular order!) the challenges of writing more books, becoming a dad for the first time and becoming a home owner for the first time!

The interview gives a great insight into Graham’s simple yet effective methods to make you more productive. Asked for an example of a technique used in the journey to ‘Ninjafying’ yourself, Graham explains the concept of a ‘Second Brain’; somewhere to store our ideas and thoughts because our brains are wired to have great ideas but not to hold on to them – resulting in avoiding anything slipping through the cracks. This means all of our best ideas become more organised and better executed whilst our stress is reduced as we no longer worry about what we might be forgetting!

To listen to the interesting and insightful interview simply press play at the top of the page, check out The Zone Show by clicking here , and to order the book, find out about Think Productive’s workshops or explore our website click here.

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