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If you didn’t know, let us tell you: Your team is essentially your business. Everything they do affects the outcome of the business, which means that you need to find ways to help them, not just to grow the business, but for them to grow in the business. How do you ensure your team isn’t just practicing what they learned in their recent Time Management Training, but you are also getting the best out of them? We’ve got some ideas for you… 


Give them the opportunity to showcase their talents in the work they do. This can include giving them a little more freedom to be experimental with their work, as well as encouraging outside projects and pursuits alongside what they are working on. This builds the foundation for creativity and inventiveness. In addition, this can be a way to unlock a hidden talent that will prove useful to your team’s performance and business. As well as making sure your team’s having fun at work and they love what they do.



Being able to recognize the talent of your team members is essential for the growth of your business. The next step is to be able to work on those strengths so that it can develop performance. By recognizing the strength of your team, individual specific objectives can be given and set, which will help with the overall goal of the team.


We are all human, which means that we are bound to have weaknesses that affect the workplace. To help your team deal with their weaknesses, the worst thing you could do is to ignore it. Address the issue and create steps that can be taken around those weaknesses. At the end of the day, you’re a team, so there is going to be someone whose strength is someone else’s weakness. Turn those weaknesses into strengths by teaching one another on how to improve, so that it can be made manageable.

Productivity Ninja Team


When used appropriately, rewards as a means of productivity can be very effective in gaining the best out of your team. Use this method of providing rewards for work that have actually been done well; don’t be tempted to give rewards out habitually for any work, since this can give the message that mediocre work can also be accepted and rewarded. This defeats the aim of getting the best from your team.

Productivity Ninja Team


If your team is working at the same pace in the same way, yet your business is going nowhere in foresight – it is clear that you need to challenge them. This does not mean to belittle them and making their workload tough and  not enjoyable. It means that you want them to reach their full potential by trying something new and provide them with an attainable and strategic challenge, giving them the right tools to do so.

Still not getting the most out of your team? Try implementing some of our team motivation tips and maybe it’s time to book a Time Management Workshop for your team to turn them into Productivity Ninjas and start getting more done.

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By Rosie To 

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