From Riches to Ratner: Gerald Ratner on Rebuilding and Finding Happiness

Productivity Ninja and Think Productive founder, Graham Allcott’s podcast, Beyond Busy, interviews people from all different backgrounds, experiences, places and stages about work/life balance, productivity, happiness and success. Graham is on a quest to discover how different people manage their busy schedules- and how they find happiness along the way.

In the latest episode, Graham interviews Gerald Ratner- former CEO of the major UK jewelry company ‘Ratners Group’. While most will recognize Ratner from the devastating effects of his infamous speech in 1991 – their conversation revealed a man humbled, happier and far more appreciative than at the height of his career. Ratner discusses both, in his book and this episode- his harsh and abrupt realization that money isn’t happiness, and in his own words – that there’s more to life than a share price.

While we’ve all heard the expression ‘money can’t buy happiness’ – Gerald’s story brings an honest and refreshing reality to the saying. His road to rebuilding himself, his brand and his life serves as a testament to the fact that we can find happiness in the business of focusing on what really matters.

Head here to listen to this week’s episode. 

Happy listening and do let us know what your thoughts and favorite parts were – either in the comment section below or @thinkproductive

By Caitlin Fox 

Caitlin is Think Productive’s Campaign Manager as well as Graham’s Personal Assistant. 

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