From Productivity to Fruit Ninjas!

Week One

Here at Think Productive UK Head Quarters our ninjas have been given the opportunity to sample the fruit delivery service offered by – and the impact it has on our productivity, our health and our happiness!

fruit drop 2

A strong advocate of the idea that a healthy body is vital for a healthy mind, Graham Allcott, the founder of  Think Productive UK has written about the benefits of healthy eating relative to workplace productivity in the past:  10 Ways to Eat Yourself Productive .

As an organisation that strives to ‘practice what it preaches’, a healthy stock of fruit is almost ever-present in the  office. There are, however, several benefits to the ‘Fruitdrop’ service that are evident immediately.

First thing on Monday morning a friendly deliveryman arrived with our fruit AND he carried it up to our second floor office! Saving me a trip to the shop in the rain and a slog up the stairs, making the convenience factor abundantly clear! All that was left was for our more artistic team members to decant the fruit and rest of us to start ‘munching’. ..


Week Four

Four weeks later and I am sad to say our final Fruitdrop has been and gone. It was a great service that undoubtedly benefited the team and our productivity! Juicy, delicious and healthy fruit being constantly replenished in abundance meant that everyone had more than enough. Personally, this meant I would snack on fruit rather than crisps or biscuits due to the sheer volume and consistency of fruit that was always there. A reliable, flexible and high quality service – I would definitely recommend signing up for Fruitdrop at any office, check out the boxes and pricing here:

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