Extreme Productivity Experiments: Maynia

On the fifth month of the year of Graham’s Extreme Productivity Experiments in 2013, for an experiment with a negative twist too it: Maynia!

This month, Graham tried to throw out everything that him and Think Productive usually preaches by being as disorganised as possible and go with the flow of how things go, for example by locking himself out of toodle do, not keeping his inbox at zero and taking as few notes as possible.

‘I lived the month by the seat of my pants, I just wanted to see what would happen, go with the flow and being really reactive to what I found on the way. I tried to resist the temptation to write things down, make lists and it made the month really stressful.’

We hope you feel inspired by Grahams recap of his extreme productivity experiment! Check back next Thursday to hear all about June’s Experiment: Flipping the 9-5!

Do you feel like you’re constantly in a state of Maynia? Our Stress Less, Achieve More workshops will help you out of it. We host these for both teams and individuals. Chat to us on the website or give us a call (01273913217), email (hello@thinkproductive.co.uk) or tweet (@thinkproductive) to find out more information.

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