Extreme Productivity Experiments: Flipping The 9 To 5

The summer was approaching and as he was getting half way through the calendar year, Graham decided to delve back into looking at how changing his working hours can affect productivity. It was time to flip the 9 to 5 working day that we all tend to work (As pointed out famously by music icon Dolly Parton) and work 5 to 9 – a 4 hour working day which seemed much more sustainable that the one hour working day he carried out in March.

‘When I did 5 ’til 9pm, I was finding that it wasn’t quite working and I wasn’t being as productive as I had hoped. Whereas when I did it in the morning I found it the complete opposite, getting up and going to my desk at 5am I found it a really playful and odd thing to be doing which kept me interested in doing it.’

We hope you feel inspired by Grahams recap of his extreme productivity experiment! Check back next Thursday to hear all about July’s Experiment.

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