Extreme Productivity Experiment: 60 Minutes

Graham conducted a series of extreme productivity experiments in 2013 in his quest to find new ways of how he works, test the parameters of “productivity” and explore the idea of the “work/life balance”. Two years on,  Graham sat down to reflect on what he learnt from each experiment and how it’s changed the way he works now.

So far, Graham has been managing his extreme productivity experiments quite well – with Email Fridays in January, and The Diceman in February. However, March provided a completely new challenge that was probably as extreme as it could get. Graham would change the notion of the 9-5 / 5 day week and instead work just one hour for 7 days a week.

This week, Graham looks in-depth into his experiment – looking at how working a one hour day for 7 days a week pushed not only his work habits out their comfort zone, but had an effect on his personal life too.

‘It was surprising how much I was able to keep on top of things during the month. Only working one hour a day made me much more clear cut and ruthless in my decisions, knowing that I had to make a decision or I wouldn’t be able to come back to it till tomorrow.’

We hope you feel inspired by Grahams recap of his extreme productivity experiment! Check back next Thursday to hear all about April’s experiment: Pay attention.

You can read the original 60 minutes entry here:  https://thinkproductive.co.uk/back-to-work-back-to-reality/.

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