Don’t Just ‘Say’ But ‘Do’

It is so easy for everyone to proclaim what one needs to do in order to attain success, but how many people in this world actually do the ‘doing’ more than the ‘saying’? We are all guilty of falling into the latter from time-to-time, continuously putting things off that we’ve said we would do yesterday, or even the day before, to finally let those tasks settle in dust. We deserve better than allowing our dreams to remain as a figment of our imagination and disappear into a mere thought about once upon a time. Do not let them be long lost dreams…

Beyond Busy is a series of podcasts, where Graham Allcott meets with various different people who have achieved success in their field, and have essentially done what most of us failed to do, and that is the ‘doing’ part when striving towards their goals. They share with us their struggles and motivations, as well as their tips and tricks, about how they managed to move and progress further towards their dreams and aspirations.

The latest episode features musician and podcaster, Matt Burt. Matt talks us through a stage of his life in which he had to risk everything in order to do anything that he truly desired. This feeling should sound familiar to a lot of people! The main issue that is a common occurrence amongst people who dare to do something different with their lives, is choosing between the safe and the risky route. Graham and Matt discuss the ideas behind taking chances and knowing when to take them, and the misconceptions of achieving success. The reality is that there is no guaranteed process that we are able to take that will ensure a successful outcome. There is no knowing when one is meant to take a leap of faith into the unknown. However, Matt illustrates that to be able to move anywhere, you have to do something different and take a chance.

Graham Allcott interviewing Matt Burt on Beyond Busy, the podcast

In the words of Matt Burt, ‘Where things are dangerous is where all the good stuff is.’ Therefore, do not be afraid and fearful of taking chances, because they could essentially be the gateway towards the life you want to live. Anything that is worth striving towards was never meant to be easy.

Now, what are you going to DO?
Let us know @thinkproductive and make sure you listen to Matt Burt’s full story as well as all the newest episodes on Beyond Busy.

By Rosie To 

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