Did Procrastination Nearly Kill Harry Potter?


Productivity Ninjas focus by practising monotasking. Staying focused means staying focused on ONE THING, until that thing has reached a conclusion. This single thing, when we coach business leaders, is one of the biggest light bulb moments for a lot of people. And while it sounds so simple, it’s harder to do than we think. It’s also incredibly powerful from a ‘user experience’ perspective.

How did JK Rowling achieve her success? She sat in a coffee shop, thinking only of one imaginary world, for hours and days and weeks at a time. She monotasked. The same will be said for almost everyone whose work you admire or respect. Be thankful that JK Rowling was not sat in a coffee shop sending Whataspp messages or checking her facebook status every five minutes, while also trying to do some freelance graphic design work and learn French from a Youtube channel, because she probably wouldn’t have finished the first book yet.

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