Are you responsible or respons-able?

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To be response-able means you have the ability to define in the moment the actions you need to take to overcome any new challenge.


Response-able now

We often choose not to respond with definite actions. We procrastinate and we seek to delay things if we’re feeling lazy, tired, unsure or worried about the results. Challenge your thinking and develop new habits – look for ways to respond rather than for ways to avoid and defer.


Response-able later

You don’t want to worry about what could go wrong on all the other projects that you’re not working on right now. Always know what your next move will be on any given project – keep things under control for you.


Response-able if the crap hits the fan

When you have to drop everything to deal with a crisis, it’s much easier if you have a sure-fire way of knowing or remembering what you’ve dropped  – ensuring full focus on the job at hand.


Hide and Seek 112/365
by Sasha Wolff

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