Death to the Post-It?






How a post-it is a blockage ...

For many, Post-it notes are the ideal way to quickly capture ideas and many people like them for their ability to move captured thoughts around a surface such as a page or a wall, using them productively as an organising tool.

Remember, the only purpose of capturing information is so that it flows through to the other phases here: to be organised, reviewed and then done.

Whilst some do use them well, Post-it notes are not ideal for encouraging seamless flow. One would assume the glue of a Post-it note can be as powerful as superglue given some of the rotting, mouldy words in faded biro pen that are stuck to so many professional’s computer screens.

If you are one of those people, it’s time to ditch the Post-it altogether and instead use un-sticky, free-flowing paper notelets or even just torn up scraps of paper. The Capture and Collect phase is inherently temporary, so do everything you can to discourage blockages to the flow.

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