David Allen’s GTD & Wellbeing

In our “Beyond GTD” series, Think Productive UK’s Productivity Ninjas go beyond the basics and discuss some of the more advanced-level tips and tricks in implementing productivity systems such as David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD).

Here, our South West Ninja, Lee Cottier talks with Graham Allcott about some of the lesser-discussed themes in the GTD book and the GTD system’s ability to promote positive mental well-being. Many people think implementing GTD and other such techniques in the corporate world is all about the ability for companies to produce more productive automatons. In reality, that is rarely a motivation for our clients and the reverse is also true! Many of the companies with work with on productivity find that it’s the stress-reduction that systems like this can offer that provides a major part of the pay-back, as well as it promoting a healthier, clearer and more efficient way of working.




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