Cool Productivity Videos From Epipheo

Meet our Guest bloggers, “Epipheo Studios” who apply the “Getting Things Done” philosophy to their “Epipheo” videos.
Check out this short video that explains what they do:

Epipheo is all about keeping things short, simple and sweet. In today’s digital age, people just won’t bother to listen if it’s going to cost them more than a couple minutes of valuable time. And why should they? That’s why we always strive to make our videos fast, fun and meaningful. We recommend clients keep their videos at about 90 seconds.

And believe it or not, short videos take a lot of work. Rambling on about your idea for ten minutes is easy. Telling that story succinctly and in a way that captures the imagination is hard and takes a lot of craft. We have an amazing team of creatives collaborating on each and every video, and we value their time. So whenever we come across anything that can help us work more efficiently as a team, we’re all over it. No surprise that David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, caught our attention, right?

Actually, we loved the book SO much that we decided to make an Epipheo about it. Check it out below. We’ve also included a couple of our other videos about productivity from our YouTube Channel:

How to Get Things Done

Happy New Year! Make a Plan!

How to Save the World from Email

How to Schedule Your Day as a Creative

Happy viewing!


For more information about Epipheo, check out their website. Go to or simply click the URL.



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