Claire Fox: On How to Have it All – Including Your Sanity

Productivity Ninja and Think Productive founder, Graham Allcott’s podcast, Beyond Busy, interviews people from all different backgrounds, experiences, places and stages about work/life balance, productivity, happiness and success. Graham is on a quest to discover how different people manage their busy schedules- and how they find happiness along the way.

In this episode, Graham sat down with Claire Fox who (deep breath!) is a mother of two, author, marathon runner, speaker, global HR Director and Child Safeguarding Director at Save the Children. Yes, she really does do all of that- and even more impressive, she’s home on time every night! Claire shares her 4 step approach that allows her to leave work at the door, run birthday marathons and set personal goals away from what’s going on at work.


Beyond Busy Episode


In this interview, Claire and Graham break down what it means to be busy and how setting (and sticking) to your boundaries can be the difference between finding happiness in that busyness, and drowning in it.

Head here to listen to this week’s episode. 

Happy listening and do let us know what your thoughts and favorite parts were – either in the comment section below or @thinkproductive

By Caitlin Fox 

Caitlin is Think Productive’s Campaign Manager as well as Graham’s Personal Assistant. 

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