Calming Exercises For Every Day

Are you having one of those days where everything is stressing you out? Whether it’s work-related stress or home-related stress, a Productivity Ninja knows in order to achieve great results, our attention needs to be undivided. 

In order to reach this status of zen-like calm, we recommend various approaches, one of which is exercising. Exercising the body is also a way to exercise the mind. By the end of the session, it helps to relax the body and keep you in a calm state, as well as clearing your mind. At the same time, you are also getting into shape.


From angelic poses to crazy body transformation and formation, yoga is one exercise that will leave you feeling at peace. Yoga is more than focusing on how to achieve different poses, but it is also about being able to concentrate on breathing techniques. You are meant to focus on the rate of your breathing, learning how to control the intake and outtake. If you don’t make it to a Yoga class, we also invite you to try out these Yoga at your Desk exercises.


Similar to yoga, Pilates also focuses on moving into various different poses and improved breathing techniques. However, the contrast between Pilates and yoga is that Pilates tends to lean towards a flow of movements, whereas yoga is about being in a stationary position. Nonetheless, both forms of exercises will help to improve your mood due to how relaxing it is.

Calming Exercises for Productivity


Perhaps not many people will expect this, but jogging has been suggested to lower stress. It is actually the idea of inactivity that results in anxiety. A light jog helps to improve anxiety as it keeps the mind focused and concentrated on the activity, rather than outside influences and stress.

Calming Exercises for Productivity


Swimming helps to work out your muscles, but of course you can swim at your own pace, or even just float in the water. Its calming effects and atmosphere gives you time to clear your mind. In addition, it helps you work on your breathing, a great way to relieve stress and focus on the simple things. The improved mental health aspect of swimming is due to a boost in Endorphins that it releases, which is related to an increase in an overall enhanced mood.

Work-it-out in order to achieve a Zen-like calm.
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