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You might have heard of, or even tried, brain training apps or read self-help books that have claimed to enhance your thinking potential as well as teaching you aspects of time management training. You may have even seen movies like Equilibrium and wished there was a way to boost your brain, so it uses its full 100%, even though that isn’t the case.

However, there are things you can do to boost your brain power like never before. Today, we’ll explore ways how to do just that!

Your Brain is a Muscle 

Okay, scientifically, your brain is an organ, a very complex organ, but it does have very similar traits to a muscle. The main one of these is that you can actively grow and shrink the size of your brain, depending on your personal choices and your lifestyle.

And, just like a muscle, you can exercise it to make it more efficient. For example, if you take a maths test every day, you’re going to get better at maths. If you write every day, you’ll get better at writing. Always remember this in everything that you do.


Train Your Brain


Challenge Yourself 

If you try to run a marathon and fail, you’ll have all the drive, motivation and information you need to succeed the next time around. Success grows through failure like a beautiful flower through the dirt.


Productivity Ninja Exercise

Rachelle Weeks, an educator for Admission Service and Assignment Writing Service, states:

“If you want to enhance your memory capabilities, train yourself to challenge yourself. Instead of writing something down, try remembering it.”

Of course, start small, so you don’t miss something important in your daily routine but continue to build it up until your memory starts to improve.

Open Your Mind to New Experiences 

When your mind and brain is at work, it works by sending signals across synapses and then to the rest of your body. If you’re solving a math problem as simple as 2 + 2, this is an exercise that your brain has carried out hundreds of times in its life, and therefore your mind will already know the quickest route to send those signals.

However, if you’re doing a maths puzzle such as 468 + 739, this will be a lot more complicated. If you had completed this equation hundreds of times in your life, you’d find it easy. You need to apply this concept to every aspect of your life.

John Parker, an educator for Boom Essays and Essay Roo, continues:

“When it comes to things like time management training, keeping your mind active and alert through new experiences can be hugely beneficial, and you’ll start to notice improvements in your brain, even after a couple of days of active training.”

By trying out new experiences regularly and trying new things, no matter how small they are, you’ll constantly be enhancing your brain. You’ll constantly be forcing your brain to find the quickest routes to work out a problem and, therefore, helping it to think quicker and more effectively. Start small, aim big.

Look After Yourself 

This is probably one of the most obvious aspects of enhancing your brain but still one of the most overlooked. The food and liquids that you consume are the fuel for your body so, if you’re eating processed foods and not getting all the vitamins and minerals that you’re supposed to have, you’re not going to be functioning to your full potential.


Productivity Ninja Morning


Likewise, your body requires the right amount of sleep every single night and during the right times. If you’re falling asleep at 2am and getting up at 10am, your body and mind are going to feel as fresh as it should, nor will it be working to its highest capabilities.


Do Things That Make You Happy

When you do something you love, whether it’s completing a maths puzzle, seeing friends, eating your favourite foods or partaking in your preferred sport, your brain is in its element. This is because when you do something happy, your brain releases the renowned chemical known as dopamine.


Productivity Ninja Brain Food


Dopamine is a famous chemical in your brain that has been proven time and time again to help your brain learn faster and helps to boost your memory dramatically. It’s also found in dark chocolate so make sure you add that to your shopping list!

By Mary Walton
Mary  is an editor at OXEssays, writing service for British students. She has a blog – Simple Grad, aimed to review popular educational services. Mary also is a tutor at Academized, service that helps excel in academic life.


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