August’s Productivity Tips | The month for Ninja-level preparedness!

Prepared Productivity Ninja
Hi all,

It’s been an amazing few weeks here at Think Productive UK. “How to be a Productivity Ninja” was launched last month (details below!), so for the last few weeks we’ve been receiving our first emails of delight, reading some incredible reviews and I’ve been busy doing some interviews about it as well.

August is time for Ninja-level preparedness.

Chances are you’re reading this having just returned from some time off, are about to head off, or might even be reading this on your phone on holidays (in which case, naughty naughty!). A Productivity Ninja constantly in the heat of the battle will get killed in the end, so one of the ‘ways of the ninja’ is Preparedness. So this month, we’re focussing on the things that we do outside of doing our work that help our productivity.


We all know that getting enough sleep is a good idea, but did you know there are practical things you can do to improve your ‘sleep hygiene’ and give your body the best chance of getting rest? Ninja Matthew explains all here!


Breaking out of connectivity

Connectivity addiction is a common issue we discover when we’re running workshops. Many people find it hard to switch off. But don’t be tempted to stay connected while you’re away. Here’s a classic ‘Love Your Work TV’ with some good news for you!

And how to sort out your email when you get back!

Worrying about the email backlog can stop us truly relaxing. However, help is at hand. Bring us in to run a workshop or buy the book! But first, here’s Ninja Keith with some pointers on hacking through all that post-holiday email.

Graham on

I did a live Q&A on last week. It was fun but pretty exhausting (I swear I saw smoke coming out of the keyboard at one point!) You can check it out here.

“How to be a Productivity Ninja”, an instant Amazon Number One Bestseller!

Thank you to all of you who came to the fantastic book launch event on July 5th. Just a week after launching the Kindle edition of the book, we found it hitting number one on some of the Amazon’s Kindle bestseller lists! The paperback is also selling well and we’ve already got readers in Canada, USA, South Africa, Fiji and Uganda to name a few! It’s already in a few bookshops, but not in any of the big ones yet – we’re working on that one.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction to it – getting some amazing emails and tweets from happy ninjas! I’m confident you’re going to love it too. So here’s how to get your copy of the book! Paperback – here’s the Amazon link! e-book – you CAN get a Kindle one from Amazon here, but please buy it from here instead (it comes in a choice of ePub, Kindle or PDF).

All proceeds of the e-book go to READ International, a charity I’ve been involved with since its inception. So your purchase of a digital book will mean at least five REAL text books will land in the hands of rural Tanzanian schools where books are key to lifting families out of poverty. And if we bypass Amazon with this, we make more cash for READ International, but the cost to you is still the same!

Do you have a blog or company website?

If you’d like to get a FREE copy of the book, we’re giving away e-books to anyone who can link from their site to the book and our workshops. Interested? Email and I’ll hook you up!

Thanks, from

Graham and the Think Productive UK team

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