Announcement: The Productivity Ninja Academy has had a Makeover!

Our global Online Learning Hub, the Productivity Ninja Academy, received a brand-new look this week. We have also updated our content, introduced a new membership option and added lots of new features and perks. Whether you’ve read the ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ or ‘How to be a Study Ninja’ books, you’ve attended one of our Time Management Workshops or you’re a productivity geek yourself – the Productivity Ninja Academy is the place to be! But before we get lost in ALL the reasons why you need to join the academy today, let’s just have a closer look at what has changed and which new features we’ve added…


What’s New?  


New Membership Options

You can now choose between two different membership options: The Orange Belt Membership and the Black Belt Membership. The Orange Belt membership is our free account which will give you access to: The first chapter of the ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ eBook, ‘The Way of the Productivity Ninja’ eCourse, the Academy Library and the brand new App Wiki.

For the price of 2 coffees a month, you’ll also get access to all eCourses and tutorials, the full eBook, the Forum, bonus resources, exclusive Perks and corporate plans with our new Black Belt Membership.


New Content

We’ve updated the Productivity Library with plenty of new hand-picked articles and downloads for all our users to explore. For our Black Belt members, we’ve also added some new eCourses and Tutorials, which you’ll be able to view as often as you want to.


Productivity Ninja Academy Library Teaser


The new eCourses and Tutorials include: The Productivity Ninja’s Introduction to Mindfulness, How to Stop Your Phone Distracting You, Getting Your Gmail Inbox to Zero, The Productivity Ninja’s Guide to TextExpander and many more.


App Wiki

Being a Productivity Ninja means being weapon-savvy and using technology to one’s advantage. We appreciate that choosing the right app(s) to help boost your productivity, can be quite time-consuming and at times feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together our App Wiki on the Productivity Ninja Academy, which lists Productivity Ninja recommended apps for you to get started on your productivity and wellbeing journey.


Productivity Ninja Weapon Savvy



Have you ever sat in front of your Weekly Checklist and thought “am I doing this right”? Ever wondered how other Productivity Ninjas in training are getting on? That’s exactly what our Forum on the new Productivity Ninja Academy is for. We’ve created a space where our global Productivity Ninja community can get together and chat all things productivity and wellbeing. It’s a space where you can ask questions, share success stories or geek out over the newest productivity app you’ve discovered. And the best part: it’s all included in your Black Belt membership!


Exclusive Perks

Our Black Belt members will also get access to our Exclusive Perks section which contains various offers, deals and discounts for productivity- and wellbeing-boosting services. We’ve already partnered up with a number of companies and are continuously growing this section for our members.


Corporate Packages

In addition to our individual memberships, we now also offer Black Belt Membership Corporate Packages for your team or entire company.  Help your teams navigate the distractions of data, communication and cognitive overload, work smarter instead of harder and make their work more impactful and fulfilling. And on top of all that show your people that you’re a progressive employer who cares and invests in employee wellbeing.


OK, enough showing off from us! Jump over to the Productivity Ninja Academy and create your account to start exploring. We’ll chat to you in the Forum!


By Hannah Urbanek

Hannah is Think Productive’s Head of Outreach and the voice behind our social media and editorial content. You can connect with Hannah directly here or on LinkedIn


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