Announcement: How to Be a Knowledge Ninja Turns into How to be a Study Ninja

As you might have seen on our Social Media channels, our book ‘How to be a Knowledge Ninja’ got a makeover into ‘How to be a Study Ninja‘. The book’s already on our shop, but before you go and grab a copy, here’s a first peek inside the book and what’s new. Also make sure you don’t miss out on our below mentioned Give-Away! 


How to be a Study Ninja


Why the re-brand? 

When ‘How to be a Knowledge Ninja’ was first published in 2015, Graham began to notice that when he walked into book stores, the book would be displayed nestled in with self-help books, rather than in the study skills section. Bookstores were seeing it as a book for the same audience as ‘How to Be a Productivity Ninja‘ – when in fact, it was a book with similar thinking but with a much different audience.


Productivity Ninja reading


So we did some thinking and realized that the only way to make sure these invaluable tips made their way to students was to fix it up and change the title to make sure that ‘Study’ (you know, that thing you’re supposed to do at Uni?!) was involved.


What will students get out of it? 

Developing a work life balance is something everyone struggles with – and unfortunately many people only learn how to have it much later in life, and some don’t ever properly learn it. This book gives students a head start, combining real scientifically backed research into easy to learn, practical tools towards studying, and eventually working more productively. So, whether you’re just starting out at University, are about to head into your placement year or you’re heading into your final year of education – How to be a Study Ninja will make your year and exams ahead much easier and will help you make time for activities outside the library.

We know there’s more to University than long nights in the library – and learning to work smarter means you can enjoy a pint or two (or three!) guilt free. We also know that one of the biggest contributors to burn out is the big ‘P’ or procrastination – and the book teaches you how to nip that nasty habit in the bud- realistically!



Time to Think Like a Ninja 

The book will help students to study smarter – focus better and achieve more through easy to implement tips and tricks, because it might seem like everyone else around you “has figured it all out”, but that’s certainly not the case.

“It’s easy to feel like everyone else has cracked it and you’re the only one in a mess. So I’ll let you in on a little secret – everyone feels like this. From the most powerful business leaders and politicians to the coolest people on TV to your friends, family and role models -they’re ultimately all human beings with their struggles and faults.”

Through playful exercises and Ninja Cheats, the reader follows 10 steps to becoming the ultimate Study Ninja:

  1. The Way of the Study Ninja
  2. Getting organized
  3. Mastering Ninja balance
  4. How you learn
  5. Learning day by day: General study
  6. Writing
  7. Memory
  8. Exams
  9. Procrastination
  10. Curiosity & Childishness


In it to Win it? 

Interested in winning a brand new copy of How to be a Study Ninja? All you have to do is comment below, send us an email to or tweet @thinkproductive your answer to:

What’s your number 1 goal for the new academic year? 

It really couldn’t be any easier, so start typing and with a bit of luck you’ll soon be the proud new owner of How to be a Study Ninja.


By Hannah Urbanek
Hannah is Think Productive’s Head of Outreach and the voice behind a lot of our editorial and social media content. Would you like to hear more about Think Productive or share relevant content with us? Get in touch with her directly here or connect with her on LinkedIn

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