8 ways to become a productivity ninja today.

When organisations ask us about our time management training, we let them know that what we offer is really productivity training because despite our many efforts productivity ninjas can’t really change time. Obviously we’d love to get into your place of work and help you start making new habits right away but in the mean time here’s 8 ways you can start to become a productivity ninja today..


1)      Meditate – Meditation is an amazing tool for developing the ability to work and live in a mindful way and you can start it right away with no tools or apps! Read our head ninja’s blog on his meditation experience here.


2)      Hang about on twitter – Social networking sites have got a bit of a bad name recently, seen as somewhere to waste time and lose focus but a productivity ninja is always eager to learn and twitter is full of mentors at your fingertips. Don’t forget to follow @thinkproductive.Ninja


3)      Eat an apple –  An apple is a low GI food. Low GI foods release their energy slowly allowing you to release a steady flow of energy and of course a ninja is always energy ready.  Read more about eating yourself productive here.


4)      Clean out the drawer – You know the drawer full of dead batteries and ticket stubs, clean it out. It’s great to have at least one area of your life organised and may motivate you to look at what else you can sort out.


5)      Book a public workshop – our practical workshops help you increase productivity, reduce stress, and gain greater control in just one day, how can you not feel more like a ninja with that in the diary.


6)      Book a holiday – A ninja needs to know that there’s time to recharge, things seem like too much when there’s no end in sight. You don’t even need to leave your house, block out a weekend for dedicated me time.


7)      Read the book – Download ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ by Graham Allcott. Wanna be a ninja, here’s your step by step guide and you can download the ebook now!


8)      Go to bed – A sleep deprived mind has trouble maintaining focus, a ninja needs focus. Clear the diary, get yourself a hot drink and go to bed. Ninjadom awaits in the morning. Read about how to sleep like a ninja here


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