7 Days in Productivity [LINKS]

We’ve been busy on the Think Productive UK Blog this week, with Think Productive UK founder Graham Allcott launching his 2013 series of experiments into extreme productivity

Read his introduction here

In this post he launches January’s experiment – one-day-email

And how is he getting on with that?


Here’s a list of the links, images and articles we’ve been reading and sharing this week …

9 Things to Do Today So You’ll Get More Done Tomorrow | FreelanceFolder

How to Turn Off Negative Thoughts in Your Mind  Lifehacker

Can Happiness Be Created with Proper Time Management? Lifehacker

Nothing Prevents You From Asking Questions – Lifehacker

7 ways to change your relationship to distractions – The Next Web

4 organic hacks to be more productive  gaelblanchemain.com

Some Companies Seek to Wean Employees From Their Smartphones NYTimes.com


And finally …

If you have joined the masses of other people who made New Year Resolutions this year – Google has already charted the failure of your plans … ouch! Click image for full interactive chart





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