5 Ways to Increase Your Willpower

“I want to exercise more!” A statement which probably all of us have said before, but how often have you been able to follow through and actually exercise more? If your answer is not too often, do not worry because things are about to change. Here are 5 tips on how to increase your willpower:

1.Do something fun

Exercising comes in many forms and shapes. Whether it’s attending classes, going for a jog, signing up for a gym, getting a personal trainer or setting up an exercise plan – the goal here is to exercise more, no matter how you do it. The most important aspect when you decide how you are going to exercise is to find a way which is fun for you. If you are not a runner, don’t force yourself to go for a jog. As soon as you are starting to have fun, you are more likely to stick to it and maybe even look forward to it.


2. Tell other people

It’s easy to “cheat” on yourself and keep on pushing your exercising plans to tomorrow. Announcing it to friends and family and your social media networks, will make skipping out more difficult. Just telling your friends or your partner, you’re going for a run or the gym in the evening, might give you a push to actually do it and it will keep other people from inviting you to other activities.

3. Set yourself realistic goals

If you’re new to the exercising world, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to run a marathon the day after you have started exercising. Make sure you set yourself realistic and measurable goals. Don’t push yourself too hard, but take enough time to reach the goal you have set yourself. This will also avoid big disappointments and setbacks.


4. Get outside motivation

As well as telling other people about your exercising plans, it’s also worth looking into external motivation. Charity runs, exercising apps which will send reminders and joining workout groups, can all be helpful on days when the sofa just gets a little bit too comfortable.


5. Find partners in crime

Whether you have a group of friends or colleagues you can tag along or you go on a hunt for people, being in a group of likely-minded individuals can be a big motivation. A lot of gyms offer exercise classes, which most of them are group classes with an instructor. There are also runners’ clubs, which meet up to go running together or if there aren’t any groups of your interested in your area, you can also start your own club.

Have you tried our tips? What do you do to motivate yourself to exercise more? Let us know and share your thoughts with us on Twitter @thinkproductive.


By Hannah Urbanek 



Great tips. Make sure you reward yourself, celebrate being awesome and a bit sweaty. Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it too. Fun definitely works – don’t be more dog, be more kid and rediscover play!

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