4 ninja commuter tips

1. Change your route: This is an easy way to force your brain to work a little differently. Like anything else the brain needs some variety from time to time, you might discover something new or just have to focus a little more on your way to the office. A ninja never Ninjamisses an opportunity to strengthen their productivity muscle.

2. Get out early: Leave for work an hour earlier, sometimes travelling to work at a different time feels like taking an entirely different journey. You might find your day less stressful if you’ve actually managed to get a seat on the tube; and what about that extra hour in a quiet office – time to drink a cup of tea, space to organise your weekly check list, don’t you feel more like a ninja already?

3. Get something done: Our time management workshops will help you work out what you need to get done and when, so why not use your commuting time to get some of those actions checked off. An hour on the train a day could be 300 hours free to learn a language, meditate or get started on that novel.

4. Change your mode of transport:  A ninja loves to get things done at the start of the day and the commute is a great time to get in your exercise quota, you could run, cycle or prancercise your way to the office, get the blood pumping and start your day feeling like a ninja.

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