3 key steps for beating resistance

We finally have some sunshine here in the UK and days like these make succumbing to resistance and staring out the open window even easier. With these three steps you can start to beat your resistance gremlin and move into positive momentum.


Day Seven: I Want to Break Free by Lauren Bates, Flickr


Show Up

Often when we think we’re stuck, we just need to actually get to the starting line. Getting stuck into the first five minutes of a task is usually all that’s needed to demystify it and get the ideas and actions flowing. If you’ve been putting off reading a report or working on your next big project, simply make the decision to start. If you’re using a weekly checklist you’ll know exactly what the next step is and won’t have to think about it. Just show up for five minutes, you’ll be surprised at what happens.

Warm Up

Twyla Tharp talks about one of her ‘power habits’ in the book The Creative Habit. As a dancer, her body needs
to warm up. Therefore,her habit to ensure momentum and creativity is getting out of bedand straight to the gym in the morning. No matter how rough she’s feeling that morning, no matter how much she wants another half an hour in bed, the act of getting out of bed is the thing that ensures she warms up that morning. It in turn assures her that when the time comes to create, she’s ready. Create automatic actions in your routine that get you warmed up without you thinking about it.

Shut Up

Have you  noticed that the people who spend a lot of time talking about their work are actually not getting anything done? Be the quiet assassin of the office, produce magic in the kind of volumes that others can only dream of. And once you’re doing that, if you really want to talk about your work, you can be sure that others will be asking you about it.


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