2016 Productivity Ninja Highlights

This year has been quite the whirlwind. But it wouldn’t be the end of a year, if we wouldn’t look back and share our Productivity Ninja highlights with you. Obviously, our Time Management Workshops are always a highlight no matter what year and what time, but let’s look at some of our Think Productive blog highlights of this past year. 

2016 Productivity Ninja Highlights


1) Climb the career ladder 

Apart from our Email Etiquette Training, we also looked at career development this year and shared some of the key elements of a successful interview. Apart from the obvious, prepare for your interview and dress to impress, we’ve also shared some of our own favorites. The new year might also bring a new opportunity, so go ahead and review our interview etiquette tips again.

2) Productivity Hubs in Bristol

Our Productivity Ninjas went to Bristol and checked out some of the best co-working spaces in the area. Whether you’re looking for a space with lots of other remote-workers or a silent area with no distractions – we’ve got you covered. Start the new year with switching up your environment and give these co-working spaces a go.


Remote Working in Bristol


3) Stealth & Camouflage 

Our Productivity Ninja, Hayley, has given us an insight into her favorite Productivity Ninja Characteristic, Ninja Stealth and Camouflage. Encouragement to turn off your notifications and emails is not just a highlight of 2016 but hopefully also something you will take into the new year and practice even more.

4) Productivity Ninja Habits 

Have you written your New Year’s resolutions yet? Why not have a look at the Productivity Ninja Habits we discussed earlier on this year and put them on your list for next year? We’d recommend.

Productivity Ninja Notes


5) How do others do it? 

Apart from sharing Productivity Ninja Tips, we also love to interview Productivity Ninjas from all over the world and find out how they stay productive. We’ve had some really fascinating Interviewees this past year. Find out how others manage to stay productive and share your own productivity secrets with us for next year. 🙂

6) Productivity Apps 

Technology can be our best friend, but can also quickly become our worst enemy. With so many different options, it’s difficult to choose the right fit for you. An app which will actually enhance your productivity and not drag it down and distract you even more. Lucky you, you can now rely on your Productivity Ninjas to test Productivity Apps for you.


These were our 6 Productivity Highlights in 2016. What were yours?
Share them with us in the comment box below or @thinkproductive

By Hannah Urbanek 


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