Work Smarter Not Harder

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to work smarter.

Work smarter and faster with dozens of tips, tools and tricks

How you deal with your limited amount of attention determines how successful you are. Avoid stress, procrastination, interruptions and unimportant distractions. Discover how to break through these barriers so you can focus on what really matters. During the training you will learn to think like a Productivity Ninja™. You will quickly process all information, experience control over your work and make conscious choices about what needs your attention at any given time.

Books and materials:

All participants receive a folder that can be used as an excellent reference work. You will receive all presentations and an overview of all relevant terminology. You will also receive dozens of tips and digital tooling that you can install immediately.

You will also receive the successful book ‘ How to become a Productivity Ninja ‘ by Graham Allcott. A stimulating, accessible and practical guide that will teach you to stay calm, get more done and love your work again.

productivity Ninja