Take Control With The Abc Of Personal Leadership (90 Min)

Learn how personal leadership works and put yourself in action mode!

People often feel they are claimed by others, by everything they have to do.  Getting through the day is quite an achievement in itself. Meanwhile, what people consider themselves as really important, is not secured. This is because people’s attention is directed outwards: other people and all those tasks are always given priority since that feels like inevitable. In the meantime, what they really care about gets snowed under. That causes dissatisfaction.

As a Ninja, you don’t want to be claimed! You don’t like having to adapt to others all day long. Or ticking off to-do lists mechanically every time. Instead, you want to experience ownership in what you’re doing because that gives you energy.

So we teach you to act autonomously, to choose how you react to events and circumstances, to rediscover what you would like to see happening. And how you manage to take matters into your own hands, set limits to the impact of others and to add value in a way that suits you.

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