Take Control With The Abc Of Personal Leadership (6 Hours)

Autonomous, Balanced and Courageous towards personal leadership!

We are so busy. We are inundated with tasks, information, and needs of others. You can become quite effective in adapting to that hustle and bustle. However, by doing so you develop a wait-and-see attitude. You brace yourself every day for what’s to come and adapt to it. That’s nice, but it doesn’t mean you’re securing what’s really important to you: you’re not in control.

As a Productivity Ninja, you learn that there are two flavours in life: either you take control or you sit back waiting. If you take control, you will create numerous moments when you experience you succeed. As a consequence, you realize things can be set in motion by you, can be created by you and can be expanded and secured by you.

In this training session you learn to stop sitting back waiting by taking control like a Productivity Ninja. You guide yourself and you don’t wait in suspense to see what will happen next. Autonomous, Balanced and Courageous you hit the road to personal leadership!

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