Take Control With The Abc Of Personal Leadership (3 Hours)

This is how you become balanced through rational effectiveness.

The Ninja uses Rational Effectiveness primarily to keep a cool head in all kinds of events and under all kinds of  circumstances that he is confronted with. This is important because one’s own attention should be disturbed as little as possible. This is essential to the Ninja Mindset: those who keep worrying or are distracted too easily, can’t complete missions. So stay calm! And at the same time: stay alert. Because even though the Ninja relentlessly shields his own attention, that doesn’t mean he has blinders on.

The Ninja uses Rational Effectiveness also to increase self-knowledge: by measuring your own thoughts by facts, logic and goals, you gain more insight into how you think. You learn in what situations you find it difficult to keep your composure so that you can be aware of it in advance. You will recognize those kinds of situations more and more easily, so that it becomes easier to stay balanced.

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