Supercharge Your Team Comms

Powerful team communication and collaboration without overwhelm

Is it time to rethink your Team Communications?

In the increasingly complex, ambiguous and multi-platform world of work, it’s time to ask ourselves, “What are the rules”?

From email, to Slack, IM, Whatsapp and project management apps, with so many options, it’s confusing and frustrating. Which of the many tools and channels should we use for effective and efficient team communications? The overwhelm of soooo many Inboxes is often crippling. The effects on our wellbeing and work-life balance, often toxic.

How we build company culture has never been more important, and every aspect of our team communications is fundamental to ensuring our culture is consistently nurtured.

In this workshop, we’ll empower your teams to understand the role that great comms plays. In not only supporting them to produce their best work, but in creating a more positive, collaborative and confident culture.

Who should attend?
A cross functional team at various levels in the organisation will support the creation of a manifesto for the broader business. Also suitable for intact teams to improve their own comms.