Fixing Meetings

Making meetings rare, fun and productive again

We are on a mission to change the way the world thinks about meetings. We want to break the cycle of your calendar being booked back to back. We want to create a culture where no one has to sit in a boring or unproductive meeting again.

This 3 hour facilitation training is packed with practical tips, tricks and tools to help your team make the most of any time spent in meetings (online and in-person).

We’ll spend time focusing on the cost of meetings and even question together the need for a meeting at all.

By the end of the workshop every participant will feel empowered, whatever their role, to cheekily and positively disrupt bad or outdated meetings habits.

One of the most useful meetings I've ever been to! My meetings have a clear purpose and feel more driven and results orientated.

Lev Eakins - Brighton & Hove Faith in Action

Making it stick!

We're passionate about creating real change that lasts and truly embedding new habits. That's why every workshop participant gets exclusive access to The Productivity Ninja Academy

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