• Format

    5 hours

  • Breakdown

    Full day workshop with practical exercises and discussion

  • No. of participants

    15 (Maximum)

  • Results

    82% of participants implement a new workflow system and feel more in control of their work

  • Key Feature
    • You will learn the four key habits to increase productivity and reduce stress
    • You will learn how to overcome ‘information overload’ by managing attention, rather than time

Stress Less, Achieve More™ is a practical full-day workshop designed to help you increase productivity, reduce stress, and gain greater control and clarity in your work and life.  We go beyond usual Time Management Workshops and focus on habits, choices, actions, attention and energy, as well as project-planning and the art of perfect ‘to-do lists’ to help you and your team learn how to get things done.

We’ll teach you about productivity models and psychology, but crucially, we also work practically through at-desk coaching, helping to implement simple, fool-proof personal workflow systems to organize and define your work. By the end of the day, you’ll feel in complete control.

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