• Format

    6 hour workshop

  • Breakdown

    50% group training and discussion, 50% individual at-desk implementation and support

  • Participants

    15 maximum

  • Results

    82% of participants implement a new workflow system and feel more in control of their work

  • Key Feature
    • Learn how to overcome information overload by managing attention, rather than time
    • Learn and implement the 4 key elements of the CORD Model™ to increase productivity and reduce stress

Tame Your Time

Overwhelmed with too much to do in too little time? Experience a constant feeling of information overload and distraction?

Time Management Training usually focuses on trying to manage time, but time isn’t the fundamental problem – or the solution. Rather it’s about your choices, actions, energy. And most importantly: your attention.

This workshop will give you the tips and tricks to implement a simple, fool proof system to organise and define your work.

We’ll show you how to deal with interruptions, paperwork, ideas and information – and how to sift it all for the important stuff, define actions, get organised and stay in control.

You’ll reduce stress by eliminating those nagging feelings of doubt, guilt and overload panic, and replace them with a focused, playful, purposeful and productive momentum.