• Format

    3 hour workshop

  • Breakdown

    50% training input and discussion, 50% practical activities and facilitated group work

  • Participants

    20 maximum

  • Results

    Overhaul your team’s meetings and make them an ally for playful productive momentum once again!

  • Key Features
    • Tips, tricks and tactics for improving your meeting skills – inspired by the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™
    • A “Meetings Manifesto” the whole team has contributed to, with practical commitments to better meetings practices and culture

Think of how many hours we all spend in meetings. Then think how magnificent it would be if every single one was purposeful and powerful – sharing information, making decisions, identifying actions – but just without there being so many of them, or them taking so long!

Every meeting is a priceless opportunity to surprise ourselves with just how much we can achieve together.

We’ll use the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™ to inspire change in your meeting skills, and you’ll identify specific ways your team can implement each of them.

This session provides the opportunity to think about what makes effective, productive and fun meetings, and gives you the ideas and tools to make that happen.