• Format

    90 minute seminar

  • Breakdown

    An action-packed combination of presentation, group discussion and individual action planning

  • Participants

    Up to 20 (Can also be delivered with digital materials for unlimited participants, or with full materials at £70+VAT for every additional 10 participants.)

  • Results

    Inspiration and individual action plans to help develop Productivity Ninja® level skills

  • Key Features
    • Review your current habits, get inspiration and lots of new ideas - and have fun!
    • Use the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja® to identify specific changes and tactics to improve your personal productivity and wellbeing

Be A Productivity Ninja Today

Many of us are overwhelmed, and struggle with the constant distractions we face in our work. Information overload is a big problem. Juggling productivity and well-being successfully is a challenge.

It’s no longer enough to just focus on “time management”: it’s time to think about how you manage your attention and focus, your projects and actions, your choices and habits.

A Productivity Ninja® is calm and prepared, but also skilled and ruthless in how they deal with the many enemies of productivity and wellbeing. We’ll share with you the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja®, and help you identify specific ways you can implement them.